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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pass rate for the series 66 exam?

While the passing score for the Series 66 exam is 73%, we don't believe that the Series 66 exam pass rate for students is that far off. For example, what we tend to see with our students is a higher pass rate (typically 80% and higher).

What is the difference between series 65 and 66?

The series 66 is more heavily focused on state laws and regulations of investment advisers, while the series 65 focuses more heavily on content found in the series 7, like product, suitability and economics.

What is a series 66 Test?

The Series 66 is an exam and license that is meant to qualify individuals as investment advisor representatives or securities agents. The Series 66, also known as the Uniform Combined State Law Examination, covers topics relevant to providing investment advice and effecting securities transactions for clients.

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