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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Tommy Bahama Beach chairs at Costco?

What a steal for a brand name beach chair like Tommy Bahama. You can see they had a display up at Costco. This is your standard beach chair that has a high back. I’m a taller guy, so I never like those beach chairs with low backs because they’re not as comfortable.

What kind of chairs do they have at Costco?

Costco offers chairs in an array of different styles that range from traditional leather club chairs and rocking Recliners, to stylish accent chairs in various colors and fabrics. Looking for a more luxurious option? Choose a media recliner with built-in cup holders, pillow top seating, and numerous power options.

Where is the cooler in a Costco beach chair?

This is the only version that has the cooler bag in the front instead of the back, meaning you can grab your beverage without having to reach too far around or getting up to get to the back of the chair.

What kind of beach chair do I Need?

If all you want is a simple, basic beach chair that will do the job for you year after year then this is the option for you. For another more basic option, but one that has a few more features, go with the Rio Beach 4-Position Lace-Up.

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