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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Costco in Sacramento, CA?

Shop Costco's Sacramento, CA location for electronics, groceries, small appliances, and more. Find quality brand-name products at warehouse prices. Skip to Main Content

Is there a Costco in Elk Grove CA?

This location is still the southern most outpost in the Sacramento region serving South Sacramento and Elk Grove until the latter gets their own in a few years. They have a gas station and an indoor food court. Costco is still crazy busy and still has crazy access.

Is there traffic at Costco on Stockton Blvd?

Now this is pretty standard for a Costco but the traffic on Stockton Blvd is worse that most others and there isn't a light to go South. This can lead to long lines just to leave or people making dangerous left turns into traffic.

Do you love Costco or do you hate Costco?

I love costco, quite possibly to an healthy amount. This Costco is pretty similar to most of the others in Sacramento. You'll find the standard assortment of name brand and Kirkland products and it is pretty an average in size. What I don't love about Costco is that it can get insanely busy.

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