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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you use promo code on CouponCabin?

If a coupon or promo code is used from any source other than CouponCabin, cash back will be voided. Reversals also happen when an order is in any way modified, returned, cancelled, exchanged, out of stock, has a price adjustment, a payment method is changed/rerun or the order was picked up in-store.

How is cash back calculated on CouponCabin?

Cash back is calculated based on the last coupon or button you click on CouponCabin before placing your order. Please note that your shopping cart must be completely empty before clicking our cash back link. Regardless of the reason, cash back will not be earned on orders placed over the phone.

How do I get my check reissued on CouponCabin?

To have a check reissued, visit your Payment History page. Next to each uncashed check, you will see an option to reissue the check. If you click the link and confirm your name and payment address, your reissued check will be put in the mail within 3 business days.

Where do I Find my eGift Card on CouponCabin?

Please check your inbox for an email with the title " Sent You an eGift Card." from [email protected] (If searching your emails, please search for "[email protected]com".) If you don't see it in your inbox, check your Bulk, Spam or Junk folders.

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