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Frequently Asked Questions

Is cricket Wirless going out of business?

Cricket is most certainly NOT going out of business. Like someone said, we are growing. If a salesperson in a cellular store tells you something then it must be true.

Is cricket cell phone service any good?

Yes. Cricket wireless is one of the most affordable mobile carriers around. Plans are cheaper than those of bigger providers like Verizon Wireless and don’t come with the hassle of an annual contract. Cricket really shines when it comes to its Group Save discount, which can potentially save you up to $70 per month.

What is cricket phone plan?

Cricket’s phone plans start at the most basic usage—the simple talk and text plan. This is for customers who do not need/want data (so no surfing the web, sending email, or scrolling social media) and only need to send text messages and make phone calls.

What does cricket offer?

As a mobile carrier, Cricket offers great deals on cell phones, nationwide coverage, mobile web, and more. Switch your cell phone carrier and save with Cricket coupons.

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