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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a JEGS coupon code save you?

The coupon code helps you save up to $100 when you spend $1320. You can get instant Up to $75 off on any of your order. Shop now and enjoy $10 savings on your order of $199 or more, $20 savings on your order over $299, $30 savings on your order over $499, or $100 savings on orders of $1,199 and more at! Shop now and save big!

Can you buy JEGS at a low price?

You can buy at a low price by this making you unable to bear to miss 'Tax season savings: Save up to $100 on your next purchase ', so hurry and click… The heart is not as good as action! You can buy at a low price by this best offer:'$100 off orders over $1,000' in JEGS, so please hurry and hesitate!

How long do you have to return JEGS items?

If you’re unhappy with an item or if it doesn’t fit your project, you can return it to JEGS within 1 year of the purchase date. Make sure the parts you return are in new and unused condition. Note that returns made after 90 days will be charged a fee.

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