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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the support staff for

If you are planning to use remote capabilities to capture the record in conjunction with CourtSmart please contact our Support Staff at (978)-251-3300 or [email protected] so we may verify the compatibility of the file format and your ability to import remote proceedings .

How is courtsmart used in the justice system?

This technology is fast and extremely cost effective. CourtSmart software has been developed to integrate this process and to facilitate the editing of these rough drafts should that be needed. CourtSmart believes these to be the simplest to use and easiest to implement solutions for virtual justice recording.

Where is courtsmart digital systems in Chelmsford MA?

CourtSmart Digital Systems 51 Middlesex Street N. Chelmsford, MA 01863 tel: (800) 235-8690 fax: (978) 251-4488 Inquiries and Map

How does courtsmart client software 4.9 index files?

Once the virtual session is completed, the CourtSmart Client software V.4.9 can import these files to the CourtSmart Servers and index them on the SQL database for quick retrieval, reproduction , or transcription.

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