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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sample of a cover letter?

Cover Letter Samples. Cover letter is a general term that is used to describe letters used in a variety of different situations, depending on exactly “what” the letter is “covering”. Essentially, a cover letter is a letter of transmittal that is used to convey an attached document(s) to a second party.

Should all resumes have a cover letter?

Many hiring managers will not look at a resume that does not come with a cover letter. They might receive 100s of applications, and rely on a cover letter to save time. Unless the job advertisement says "no letter is necessary", you should include a cover letter to be safe.

Do resumes need to have a cover letter?

A cover letter is also an ideal place to provide specific examples that prove you have the skills and experience listed on your resume. Additionally, employers often expect to receive cover letters even though they did not stipulate the need for a cover letter in their job advertisements.

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