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Frequently Asked Questions

What to make for kids for back to school?

Adorable Fall Back to School crafts for kids to make. These are such cute arts and crafts to get kids excited about heading back to school. There are pencil holder ideas, homemade school picture frames, crafts to make for a backpack, apple crafts - so many ideas!

Are there any fun back to school crafts?

All you need is a little bit of inspiration to get you started — there are ideas for all skill levels here. These fun back-to-school crafts let you design your own workstations, lockers, desks, backpacks and everything you can store in them. So, what's your style?

What to make for first day of school?

This first day of school crafts idea resembles a school bag that can be the most fun and yet fascinating for kids. Speciality: The entire process is fun and can make the kid engaging as well as creative while making of the bag.

What was the best part of going back to school?

It was the 1980’s, so the colours were bright and neon with bold patterns, and I swear it was my favourite part of going back to school. Then we’d get home, and we’d watch in amazement as she designed these amazing little masterpieces.

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