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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decorate eggs for Easter?

15 Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs 1. Cover Egg With Tacky Glue and Dip In Sprinkles 2. Wrap an Egg With Colored Threads 3. Glue Dried Flowers and Put Egg into Boiling Onion Decoction 4. Use Dremel Tool to Drill a Drained Egg and Embroider It 5. Wrap an Egg in an Old Tie and Boil In Water with Vinegar 6. Crochet a Shirt On the Egg

How do you make resurrection eggs?

How to Make Resurrection Eggs Come up with 12 Bible verses or images that you find personally important in the story of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. Gather or buy an equal number of plastic refillable Easter eggs. For each verse or theme, choose an object that will fit into the Easter egg. Number the eggs so they don't get mixed up.

Can Easter eggs be art?

The Easter eggs become common and popular among people who celebrate the season of springtime or Easter day. It is an old tradition which we all follow in our celebrations during spring. Now, decorating the chicken eggs become an art which have new techniques, new colors, new designs and new geometric forms. There are many artists who have the gift of painting and decorating chicken eggs and they could innovate new designs in decorating the chicken eggs.

What are the Easter eggs for?

An Easter egg is an egg, eaten and used for decoration during the Easter holidays. The egg was a symbol of the earth to celebrate spring. It was used by early Christians as a sign of the resurrection (rising from the dead) of Jesus.

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