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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make cool things out of old keys?

20 Incredible Old Key Ideas To Make Cool Things. 1 1. Picture Frame Out of Recycled Keys. If you have some old keys lying around, then here is the idea of creating this lovely picture frame out of them. 2 2. Old Keys Sculpture. 3 3. DIY Bowl From Old Keys. 4 4. Vintage Key Earrings. 5 5. Make Bracelet from Keys. More items

What to do with old silver and gold keys?

It’s time to funk up your jewelry with some handmade possessions, and making these vintage key earrings is the best idea. Using the old silver and gold painted keys, the pretty and quirky earrings are made along with various beads for the perfect jewelry appeal. Details of the easy and quick idea are given here! 5. Make Bracelet from Keys

What can I do with old leather keys?

If you have the tools for working with leather, like the clamp for puncturing it to put in studs, then all you need are some metal domes and you’re set to make this rustic-chic key cuff. We love the alternating directions of the keys. 4. Framed art

What can you do with old piano keys?

With a little bit of creative flair, you could be hanging your keys on your old keys! Now that is music to my ears. This idea won’t be for everyone, but then again not everyone will be able to get the piano keys to make one in the first place! Sadly they won’t sound as music as they did inside the piano, but they will help you to hear the wind.

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