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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do in the dungeons in craftopia?

Dungeons are mini areas where you can find treasures, defeat enemies, kill the dungeon boss or just accomplish some quests. Dungeons in the game aren't only about killing, but also about doing skill quests —like easy races against time on hoverboards.

What kind of weapons can you make in craftopia?

We recommend crafting yourself a simple sword. After you have cleared your first low level dungeon, you will most likely pick up a new weapon to use in the future. Something important to note, one of the dungeons we entered required us to have a bow and shoot a set amount of targets in a certain time.

Where do you get stat boosts in craftopia?

One of the two dungeons on the tutorial island has you racing against the clock as you ride a hoverboard. It's also worth noting that nearly every dungeon has secret chests hidden behind a breakable wall at the beginning and end of the dungeon. I wish I didn't have to pay in order to get stat boosts.

How does your character level up in craftopia?

In Craftopia, your character progresses by gaining experience and levelling up. It just makes sense that as you get stronger, the islands you visit keep up with your level. You can use the altar of teleportation to gain access to more difficult islands with high tier materials and high level dungeons.

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