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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I play multiplayer with my friends on craftopia?

If someone among your friends has sent credentials for the VPN, you can simply join using them and be a part of the multiplayer. When you have installed Hamachi, click on the join an already existing network option. Then enter the credentials sent by the host and join the game. That’s how you play multiplayer with friends in Craftopia as of now.

How do you join a server in craftopia?

Like the host, you’ll also want to download LogMeIn Hamachi. After your hard-working host has sent you the info needed to join their server, go to the Network tab in Hamachi and click on the “join an existing network” feature. From here, you’ll need to type in the credentials your host has sent in the program and the game’s “Join via IP” menu.

Is there a way to invite friends to craftopia?

Eventually, after the early access period is over for the PC survival game, Craftopia, players will be able to instantaneously invite friends by creating worlds and sending invites. However, that feature is not here yet, but there is a stable workaround so that you can farm and build with friends right now.

What should my username and password be on craftopia?

You will get a warning that says "THIS SITE IS NOT SAFE" ooooOoOOo spooky, not really, click the "more options" at the bottom of that warning and then click "Continue" or "Proceed" Typical username/password for a router is something like admin/admin or admin/password.

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