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Frequently Asked Questions

How to play multiplayer with friends in craftopia with Hamachi?

This will let you play multiplayer with friends in Craftopia. If someone among your friends has sent credentials for the VPN, you can simply join using them and be a part of the multiplayer. When you have installed Hamachi, click on the join an already existing network option. Then enter the credentials sent by the host and join the game.

How to play with your friends on craftopia?

He needs to enter the username and password provided by you. After that, he needs to open the Craftopia game, enter the multiplayer menu, and select join via IP. He needs to enter the IPv4 provided by you from the hamachi software and now you both can connect to the server and enjoy the game.

How to use Hamachi on Windows 10?

First of all, you have to download Hamachi on its website, install it on your PC and launch it. Go to NETWORK tab and choose “create a new network” Name your network and set a password. Both can be anything. Then, you give the server name, password and IP4 to your friends who also have Hamachi installed.

How to create a network on the Hamachi TV?

If you are the host, you need to go to the Network menu and choose “Create A Network”. You need to name the network and give a password of your own choice and then click create. After that, you need to give these details to your friends with the Ipv4 shown in the hamachi, it will be beside the power button icon for example

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