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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you connect to multiplayer in craftopia?

He needs to enter the username and password provided by you. After that, he needs to open the Craftopia game, enter the multiplayer menu, and select join via IP. He needs to enter the IPv4 provided by you from the hamachi software and now you both can connect to the server and enjoy the game.

What kind of game is craftopia for PC?

Craftopia is an open-world sandbox game developed and published by POCKET PAIR, Inc. There are a lot of things you can craft and interact with within this game. But the most fun thing is to enjoy the game with some friends. Crafting, building, and playing together with friends have their own excitement and fun.

What is the IPv4 port for craftopia?

Give it some name “Omg im doing it mom – Craftopia”. External Host: leave this blank. Internal host: this your IPv4 address from #3. Protocol: TCP. External Port: 8787-8790. Internal Port: 8787-8790. And one more time we’re going to celebrate!

Can you play with friends on craftopia Hamachi?

To truly enjoy the game, you need to play with a friends, but the multiplayer is currently under development or filled with bugs and disconnection. Below you will find a way to play with your friend using external software. Craftopia multiplayer is currently in development and you might have trouble playing with your friends.

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