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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with animals in craftopia?

Capturing animals is essential to crafting Batteries. Batteries can be used to power homes and to craft special items for the player to use and share with their companions. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of instructions on how to do these important things within the game.

How to tame animals in craftopia with Monster prism?

To tame animals in Craftopia you need to craft the Monster Prism. This unique device lets you capture animals and release them wherever and whenever you want. However, it is not easy to tame animals in Craftopia. You need to corner them so they don’t run away, which are really skilled at going.

How to make money in craftopia, Inc.?

Work on the land to make money, build factories for your ideal automation, go into dungeons to strike it rich, survive a day by fishing... Or, explore the world on the hoverboard, catch some tasty animals, breed them, and cook them in the factory.

How to tame creatures and make batteries in craftopia?

Here's how to capture creatures and make batteries in Craftopia. Craftopia is a complex game that requires players to find their own way in a dangerous world filled with wild creatures. Taming these beasts is just the first step to making a sizable dent in the tasks laid out for players.

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