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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get saltpeter in craftopia?

When in a crafting station clicking it will show you the components needed, and you can repeat the process of clicking on the magnifying glass to see where those materials come from and what they're used in. Beautiful, thank you. June 23rd Updates!

How long does it take to make Poop in craftopia?

FECES get generated with time If you are on an island, you may have to be on the island for a week or more. Also try the areas where the animals spawn. Usually find half a dozen, but its a bit hard to find many. Thanks for the tip. Ill try hanging out on one map for a while and do some more testing.

Where do you put the chickens in craftopia?

Put steel boxes at the center of each wall in the center cell. Then put an absorber on each box pointing out to the four outer cells. After that, I breed 100 chickens. Then I stored them on Monster Prisms. I put 25 chickens in each of the outer cells. It only let me put 24 in the last cell because I hit the animal cap for the map.

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