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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get multiplayer ( coop ) working in craftopia?

A guide to get multiplayer / coop working. I only got this game for multiplayer. I struggled for a little to get it working. People who want to get multiplayer working should read this to save yourself trouble. You must follow this entire thing to get it working - it's super simple-ish. I will help you <3.

What should my username and password be on craftopia?

You will get a warning that says "THIS SITE IS NOT SAFE" ooooOoOOo spooky, not really, click the "more options" at the bottom of that warning and then click "Continue" or "Proceed" Typical username/password for a router is something like admin/admin or admin/password.

What is the external port port for craftopia?

Add a new rule under "Port Forwarding" that is like so: Give it some name "Omg im doing it mom - Craftopia". External Host: leave this blank. Internal host: this your IPv4 address from #3. Protocol: TCP. External Port: 8787-8790.

What to do when your frame rate drops in craftopia?

The only game breaking thing I have found is that when you your frames will drop to 10-15 FPS. Super easy to fix, run to an open area, save your game, and restart your game completely (that means close it silly). I say run to an open area before quitting because the first time I did this I ended up below the entire world.

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