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Frequently Asked Questions

What characteristics define a craftsman home?

What Characteristics Define a Craftsman Home? Exterior Characteristics. One of the most obvious features are the wide eaves on the roof that hint to a roomy upstairs or second floor space. Interior Characteristics. Here is where you need to pay close attention to the architectural design because not only does it define the style, but also is a reflection of the ... A Narrower Perspective. ...

What makes a house a craftsman?

Craftsman style homes are functional and work arts in the same time. They are built by hand only from natural materials and they have a great aesthetic look. A craftsman home is welcoming, warm and peaceful home. In fact, a craftsman home makes a clear distinction between house and home.

What is the history of Craftsman houses?

The Craftsman House, also known as the American Craftsman, is an architectural style that originated from the American Arts and Crafts Movement towards the end of the 19th century. This has been an integral part of the very beginnings of practical skills that include interior designing,...

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