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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need replacement parts for Craftsman tools?

Craftsman makes a wide variety of tools and equipment for everyday use. After a while, these tools can wear down. Rather than tossing your tools out, you can often restore them to like-new condition with basic replacement parts.

Is there a lifetime warranty on Craftsman tools?

No matter the size of the project, there’s a CRAFTSMAN Mechanics Toolset for every skill set, from minor repairs to major overhaul. Select wrenches, sockets and accessories come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY so you can get the most out of your tools for years to come.

What kind of weed trimmer does Craftsman use?

The V20* cordless system works as hard as you do from the house to the yard to the garage. V20* CORDLESS 13-IN. WEEDWACKER® STRING TRIMMER/EDGER WITH PUSH BUTTON FEED KIT (4.0AH)

Why is my Craftsman line trimmer not working?

If the head won't stop spinning on your line trimmer when you release the trigger, the problem is likely caused by a bad clutch. Circular saw—Craftsman is known for their circular saws. If yours won't run, check the motor brushes for visible signs of damage. These can wear out, inhibiting the operation of the saw.

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