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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Credible mean?

The definition of credible is someone or something that is believable or reliable.

What is the adverb for credible?

believable, credible, creditable, likely, plausible, probable, acceptable, imaginable, possible, authentic, conceivable, convincing, feasible, logical, presumptive, rational, reasonable, reliable, sound, tenable, trustworthy, aboveboard, colorable, fiduciary, honest-to-god, impressive, persuasive, presumable, realistic, satisfying, straight, supposable, thinkable, tried, trusty, unquestionable, up front, able to hold water, true to life, within the bounds of possibility, with a ring of truth ...

Is the meaning of credible and credulous is same?

Credible describes a person or thing that is trustworthy , or something that is plausible. Credulous describes a readiness to believe, especially on slight evidence. Its is similar in usage to "gullible." Creditable also means "worth of trust," but also mean "worthy of praise."

What is the noun for credible?

Credible is believable. It could refer either to a story or a person. The adverb form is credibly. The noun form is credibility.

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