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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about Croco?

CROCO is a new oceanic modeling system built upon ROMS_AGRIF and the non-hydrostatic kernel of SNH (under testing), gradually including algorithms from MARS3D (sediments) and HYCOM (vertical coordinates). An important objective for CROCO is to resolve very fine scales (especially in the coastal area), and their interactions with larger scales.

How do you log in to play Croco casino?

The Play Croco casino member login process involves you first signing up to our online casino. As we said before, this isn’t a difficult process. All that’s required is for you to complete three simple steps. Once that’s done, you have instant access to all the aforementioned benefits plus a whole lot more.

How do you become a royalcroco in play Croco?

Just go through the Play Croco login process and start your adventure as a BabyCroco. Then as you rack up the minutes on our casino offers, you’ll be elevated through our ranks and go on to become a RoyalCroco. As a RoyalCroco you get massive cashback bonuses, a dedicated casino manager plus weekly bonuses tailored to you.

How much cash back do I get on Croco?

Based on your level, get between 25% and 40% cashback! Simply contact our online casino customer support to claim it. Croco doesn’t like seeing sad faces, so he’s giving you between 25%-40% back on busted deposits as part of his CrocoReload cashback promotion. Cashback amount is based on your level.

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