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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to cross border ecommerce?

Simply put: Cross-border eCommerce refers to the capability of online stores selling their products to customers in another country. How can this tactic set you up for success? Well, think about the last time you purchased a product through the internet.

How much money does cross border commerce make?

Merchants who extend product offerings to international customers boost sales by 10-15%. And, this type of cross-border commerce is projected to grow at twice the pace of domestic ecommerce –– growing 25% annually through 2020. This will take cross-border annual sales from $300 billion to $900 billion.

Why is eCommerce becoming the dominant form of purchase?

The majority of shoppers who shifted online amid the pandemic are expected to stay even after normality returns, making ecommerce increasingly likely to become the dominant form of purchase type for many products. And a growing percentage of that – according to multiple projections – will be cross-border.

How is e-commerce growing in the United States?

E-Commerce is a growing segment of the U.S. economy and has been increasing significantly for the past several years. Consumer habits are changing as the internet empowers individuals to make purchases online.

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