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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Chief Executive Officer of Crown Resorts?

Ken Barton was appointed as Chief Executive Officer on 24 January 2020 and Managing Director on 3 March 2020. Mr Barton has been Chief Financial Officer of Crown Resorts Limited since March 2010 and CEO Crown Digital since February 2017. Mr Barton also sits on the Crown Melbourne Limited, Burswood Limited and Crown Resorts Foundation Boards.

Who is the CEO of Crown Casino Group?

The CEO of Crown Resorts Ken Barton announced his resignation as the company is grappling with the consequences of multiple money laundering allegations. The company was also accused in nurturing mafia and organized crimes links.

Who is the Chief Executive Officer of Crown Sydney?

In his current role as Chief Executive Officer for Crown Sydney & Crown Hotels nationally, Crinis is responsible for some of the largest pieces of tourism infrastructure in Australia.

What is the market capitalisation of Crown Resorts?

For pre-2007 company history, see Publishing & Broadcasting Limited. Crown Resorts Limited is Australia's largest gaming and entertainment group which had, in April 2018, a market capitalisation of just over A$8.7 billion.

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