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Frequently Asked Questions

What is @Crowther Lab?

Crowther Lab studies global ecosystems, generating knowledge to protect biodiversity and address climate change. Conserve nature. Protect nature. Restore nature. We help generate a better understanding of Earth’s ecology and aim to inspire responsible ecosystem restoration.

Who is Thomas Crowther and what does he do?

Thomas Crowther is a Welsh scientist studying ecology and global biodiversity. He is an assistant professor in the department of Environmental Systems Science, where he founded Crowther Lab, an interdisciplinary group of scientists studying global ecosystems to facilitate local efforts that protect, restore and manage biodiversity around the world.

What has Crowther done for US?

During his post-doctoral research, Crowther was recognized for mapping the distribution and diversity of trees across the world for the first time.

How did Crowther compile his inventory of tree data?

As part of this research, Crowther compiled a large inventory of tree data based on a combination of satellite observations and on-the-ground ecological research.

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