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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Crowther Lab's research?

The Crowther Lab’s research has explored the global biogeography of mycorrhizal fungi, earthworms, and nematodes across in soil, which are important for the health of ecosystems.

What is Thomas Crowther famous for?

Thomas Ward Crowther (born 18 June 1986) is a British scientist specialising in ecosystem ecology and the chief scientific advisor to the UN's Trillion Tree Campaign. He is a tenure-track professor of Global Ecosystem Ecology at ETH Zürich where he formed the Crowther Lab.

Where did crowsher go to college?

Crowther conducted his undergraduate and PhD studies at Cardiff University, under the supervision of Dr. Hefin Jones. After his PhD, Crowther received a postdoctoral fellowship from the Climate and Energy Institute at Yale University.

What has Crowther done for US?

During his post-doctoral research, Crowther was recognized for mapping the distribution and diversity of trees across the world for the first time.

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