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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Croydon famous for?

Croydon is the setting of novels. The now defunct airport lent itself to the mysteries The 12.30 from Croydon and Death in the Clouds, and the town is mentioned in some Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

Is Croydon an actual city?

With a population of nearly 400,000 people, strong transport links and a rich history, Croydon has all the credentials to be a city. But the simple fact is it is not. The town has tried four times to gain the sought-after city status; first in 1954, and then again in 2000, 2002 and 2012.

Is Croydon in London, Surrey or Kent?

Despite many now accepting that the borough has closer ties to London, there was a time when the town was classed as being in Surrey and some parts of it as being in Kent . Here's a brief history of how Croydon became part of London. When did people start living in Croydon? The first residents are believed to have settled in Croydon from the Roman age, when historians generally agree that people would have farmed saffron in the area.

What is value Croydon?

Value Croydon is Croydon Council's local brand for delivering social value, and supporting the local market to access tender and sub-contracting opportunities with the Council and its partners. By working together with businesses, voluntary, community and social enterprises sector, the community and other public sector agencies, Value Croydon aims to ensure that the Council uses its purchasing power and contractual relationships effectively to maximise social, economic and environmental ...

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