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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Crumpler funeral home and cremation services?

At Crumpler Funeral Home and Cremation Services, we have a strong commitment to the people of our community . . . to provide outstanding service with compassion, respect, and care. The days immediately following the death of a loved one can be a time of confusion and emotional stress.

What is the date for visitation at Crumpler funeral home?

Left to cherish his memory are his parents, children, grandmother, sisters, uncle, aunts and many extended family members. Visitation will be 3:00-500 PM Sunday, February 7, 2021 at Crumpler Funeral Home, 220 East 4th Ave. Red Springs, NC 28377.

Where is Phil Crumpler now?

Philip and his wife, Amy currently reside in Pinebluff. As the only grandchild being licensed in funeral directing, and continuing the families legacy as the third generation funeral director, he serves as the manager of Crumpler Funeral Home in Aberdeen.

What is the Crumpler legacy?

The Crumpler Legacy first began when Frank Crumpler of Sampson County always had a passion to be in funeral service. After graduating from Cincinnati School of Embalming, he began working with Jernigan-Warren Funeral Home in Fayetteville.

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