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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has CSL been a listed company?

While the pandemic has certainly added complexity to our business and operating environment, CSL has had a number of notable achievements throughout the year, including the Company’s 25th anniversary as a listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange. We are pleased to share some of those success stories in this report.

Why is CSL a good company to invest in?

CSL has continued to deliver value to shareholders because of our unwavering focus on delivering innovative products to people with rare and serious disease, and to protecting the health of the public with our influenza vaccines portfolio.

How long has Angelika been with CSL Behring?

Angelika has been with CSL Behring for nearly 20 years and in that time has grown from having no direct reports to leading a large team in our Quality group. We are committed in the long-term to support world-class medical research and development. Our promise has never been stronger.

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