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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Cal State East Bay campuses located?

Cal State East Bay has three campuses — Hayward, Concord and Oakland. More than 60% of Cal State East Bay students are female. Cal State East Bay was noted for its exceptionally diverse student body, ranking as one of the most diverse four-year public college on the U.S. mainland by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

What is blackboard at Cal State East Bay?

Blackboard is a software application that provides both a student portal and a course management system at Cal State East Bay. Access Blackboard with your NetID. Blackboard provides students with: Course materials posted by your professors

Do you get horizon email at Cal State East Bay?

All Cal State East Bay students receive a Horizon student e-mail account. The Online Teaching & Learning program strictly adheres to the CSUEB email policy. All notices, registration reminders, program-related updates and replies to your email will be sent directly to your Horizon email account only.

Who is swimming for Cal State East Bay?

HAYWARD, Calif., -- Cal State East Bay assistant swim coach and former Pioneer All-American Claire Beaty will be swimming in the Olympic trials in weekend in Omaha, NE. Beaty will be will be swimming a Time Trial of the 100 Breaststroke on Saturday, June 5.

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