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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CSU stand for in campus?

There are a lot of factors which students need to consider when choosing between California State University (CSU) and the University of California (UC). Though both are public university systems, they differ in many ways.

Is CSU Chico a party school?

California State University, Chico is a very welcoming university. It carries the burden of a heavy reputation as a party school . Although we do have students who drink and party, it's up to the student wether they choose to focus on school, partying or find a way balance a fair schedule.

Is Columbia Southern University regionally accredited?

Columbia Southern University Is Nationally Accredited. We were unable to verify if Columbia Southern University is "regionally accredited". However, we do see that they are "nationally accredited". Schools with this type of accreditation are predominantly...

Is CSU Chico a commuter school?

Chico is definitely not a commuter school. Based on your GPA only, you may want to look at SDSU and UCSC as well.

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