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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are student health services important at CSUB?

As part of an institution of higher learning, CSUB SHS participates in the educational process by teaching students the skills for self-care, promoting their health, advocating for themselves and preventing diseases--thus enhancing their academic productivity and leading to a satisfying college experience.

What do you need to know about CSUB-AZ urmedve?

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Is there a Senior Design Expo at CSUB?

Please join us at the CEE/CS Department's Virtual Senior Design Expo at This showcase reflects the year of hard work and collaboration that our senior Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Electrical Engineering students put into their projects.

Where can I Find my email address?

Your email account will be the initial point of contact, so it's very important that you check it regularly. You can use the Faculty/Staffpage to find the email address for your instructors. Email remains the best way to contact people in the department during virtual operations.

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