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Frequently Asked Questions

How to login to canvas with CSUB email?

How to Login to Canvas – Access Guide. 1 Navigate to the Canvas login page at 2 Enter your CSUB Email into the "Email" Field. 3 Press "Next", you will be redirected to a CSUB Login page. 4 At the CSUB Login Page Enter your CSUB email and password. 5 Press Sign In.

What does canvas do at Sacramento State University?

The hub for teaching and learning at Sacramento State! Canvas is our official Learning Management System (LMS) used to deliver an engaging teaching and learning experience in the classroom, on a desktop or tablet, and on mobile devices.

How to contact canvas support at California State University Stanislaus?

Additionally, instructors and students will also have 24/7 email/phone support by Instructure (Canvas) and automated migration of Blackboard courses into Canvas. Please email [email protected] if you have any migration questions, questions about Canvas, or general questions about the LMS at Stan State.

Where can I find support for CSUN canvas?

Check out CSUN’s Faculty Canvas Support Website for resources on getting started in Canvas or come to one of our various workshops, demos or drop-in sessions. For more tools and resources, visit the Software Solutions for Teaching and Interaction page .

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