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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my Outlook email account?

Access your Outlook email when you're at home using the Web browser on all your devices. Open the website (link in Resources). Enter the email address for the account you wish to access into field below Microsoft Account. Enter your password into the "Password" field and then click "Sign In.".

How can I access my email online?

Go to your email service provider. Open a new tab on your web browser and go to the address of your email service provider. Email accounts accessed online are called “webmails.” This is the most commonly used kind of email because it’s free and almost anyone can use it.

How do I create another outlook account?

You can create a new account on this link: Once there, follow these steps: Click Sign up. Click Get a new email address. Enter your username and password. Then, click Next. Enter your First name and Last name. Then, click Next.

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