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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need CSUEB login for Cal State East Bay blackboard?

It is necessary to have CSUEB Blackboard Login credentials to log into the Cal State East Bay Blackboard accounts and get full access to it. Only one-time login or sign in is required to get full access to all the features of My CSUEB Blackboard account.

Can a CSUEB student use a horizon email account?

Use your CSUEB Student Email Account (Horizon) for official school business. All Cal State East Bay students receive a Horizon student e-mail account. The Online Teaching & Learning program strictly adheres to the CSUEB email policy.

Can you use Firefox on CSU blackboard?

**Please Note: all versions of Internet Explorer and the standard CSU installation of Firefox (version 38.8.0 ESR) ARE NO LONGER SUPPORTED. You must use a supported alternative provided in the list above.** If you have any questions, please email the Center for eLearning at [email protected]

What can blackboard do for a college student?

Blackboard provides students with: Course materials posted by your professors Communication with professors about class work Connection with classmates and study groups Online storage for documents, links, and workflows Google research tool to help you cite references Other useful features in Blackboard include:

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