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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best online resources for students starting their first semester at CSULB?

BeachBoard Content: access course materials, complete required activities, and monitor your completion progress on topics contained within each course module. BeachBoard Media, CSULB’s video platform solution, is a place where your instructors may upload recorded lectures for you to watch at home.

What is the academic technology service at CSULB?

Academic Technology Service supports CSULB faculty and students to use the tools and features available on BeachBoard. -Accelerate your course development by importing a template designed to meet Quality Assurance standards.

Who is the company that supports Beachboard sytem?

BeachBoard is CSULB's Learning Management System (LMS). D2L (Desire 2 Learn) is the company that develops and supports the BeachBoard sytem, a custom version of their "Brightspace" platform (keep this in mind if you access D2L's support site).

What is the best way to find the Student Center at mycsulb?

The MyCSULB Student Center provides a "home base" for accessing your student information. Once you have logged into your Single Sign-On portal using your Campus ID and password, click on the " myCSULB " button to launch your Student Center. Your MyCSULB Student Center is organized into sections based on the type of information.

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