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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best platform for CSULB Beachboard?

D2L (Desire 2 Learn) is the company that developed the platform upon which BeachBoard has been customized for CSULB (keep this in mind if you access their support site or review video tutorials as they refer to "Brightspace"- the name of their platform).

What kind of browser do I need to login to California State University Long Beach?

Users with guest credentials should login below. Need help? Note: We recommend using the latest versions of Google Chrome (PC and Mac), Mozilla Firefox (PC and Mac), and Safari (Mac) for the best user experience and compatibility if you are downloading or viewing Microsoft documents from a course. © Copyright D2L Corporation.

Who is the company that supports Beachboard sytem?

D2L (Desire 2 Learn) is the company that develops and supports the BeachBoard sytem, a custom version of their "Brightspace" platform (keep this in mind if you access D2L's support site). Academic Technology Service supports CSULB faculty and students to use the tools and features available on BeachBoard.

Is there a Beachboard shell at Cal State Long Beach?

Each semester, a BeachBoard shell is automatically created for all courses; the instructor has the option to activate it at any time. Once activated, it will be visible to enrolled students.

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