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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a Beachboard course template?

BeachBoard course templates are designed to expedite the course development process. Instructors can easily customize a template to adapt to their own subject or teaching mode, including face-to-face instruction. These pre-built frameworks, created by ATS instructional design experts, adhere to evidence-based, Quality Assurance standards.

What kind of browser do I need to login to California State University Long Beach?

Users with guest credentials should login below. Need help? Note: We recommend using the latest versions of Google Chrome (PC and Mac), Mozilla Firefox (PC and Mac), and Safari (Mac) for the best user experience and compatibility if you are downloading or viewing Microsoft documents from a course. © Copyright D2L Corporation.

Which is the best learning management system for CSULB?

BeachBoard is CSULB's Learning Management System (LMS). D2L (Desire 2 Learn) is the company that develops and supports BeachBoard, which is a custom version of their "Brightspace" platform (keep this in mind if you access their support site or review video tutorials).

How does the CSULB Career Development Center help students?

The CSULB Career Development Center empowers students to become effective leaders of their personal career journeys. Through career counseling, employer connections, and professional development opportunities, we prepare them to become skilled and productive members of the local, national, and global workforce. Ace your next interview!

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