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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CSULB a good school?

To answer your question: csulb is actually a good film school with great equipment. The downside of course is it's impacted. Meaning there are too many students who use this equipment.

What is a student email?

Student Email. The email alias is a pointer that directs email messages to a destination email account. Per the UH student email policy, the University uses the UH email alias to send important information such as emergency closings or any official information. Current students, staff and faculty are eligible to receive an email exchange account,...

What is CSULB school colors?

Each of the 23 CSU campuses has its own school colors and mascot. The traditional school colors for Cal State Los Angeles are black, white and gold. The CSULA mascot is the golden eagle, and the athletic teams are nicknamed the Cal State LA "Golden Eagles.".

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