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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do student housing rates increase at CSUMB?

To assist our students with their financial planning, Student Housing & Residential Life offers a rate lock structure for Main Campus and East Campus. Rates typically increase by about 5 percent per year. All housing and meal plan fees are due in accordance to CSUMB Tuition/Fees Deadlines .

Where are living learning programs at CSUMB located?

Living Learning Programs at CSUMB are communities where students of similar interests and/or academic studies live together and participate in intentional learning about their chosen program or common interest as a collective. Family Housing and Graduate & Credential Programs is located in East Campus.

Are there housing rates at California State University Monterey Bay?

Student Housing & Residential Life has implemented a rate lock structure that secures the housing rate for undergraduate students for a designated number of years while they progress academically at the University. For past rates, please visit our past rates page.

How does residential life work at Cal State Monterey Bay?

Our on-campus residences provide a rich and unique opportunity for you to learn more about yourself and others. We invite you to seek out experienced students, especially members of your Residential Life staff and Residential Housing Association leaders to assist you in making your stay at CSUMB a successful one.

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