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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Canvas learning center at CSUN Northridge?

The Canvas CSUN Learning Center is a gateway for California State University, Northridge faculty and support staff to learn how to get the most out of using Canvas for teaching and learning.

How to contact canvas support at California State University Stanislaus?

Additionally, instructors and students will also have 24/7 email/phone support by Instructure (Canvas) and automated migration of Blackboard courses into Canvas. Please email [email protected] if you have any migration questions, questions about Canvas, or general questions about the LMS at Stan State.

Why is canvas CSUN important for students and teachers?

Using Canvas CSUN, Student can create & manage profile, view their current courses on dashboard, import content from a previous semester’s Canvas course, can submit peer review assignment & many more in Canvas. Why Canvas CSUN e Learning is important for students & teachers?

How can I access CSUN canvas on my phone?

To access CSUN Canvas from mobile device, simply follow this instructions. Go to the IOS App Store or Android Play Store and download the “Canvas Teacher by Instructure” and/or the “Canvas Student by Instructure” app. After installing the app, open the Canvas Mobile.

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