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Frequently Asked Questions

How would a library use a database?

The Library uses the term 'database' to describe a searchable online resource. Usually, the Library pays for access to copyrighted content within licensed databases, although a small number may be freely avialable to access. Using the databases provided by the Library will help you find reliable information from trusted sources.

What is about library databases?

About Library Databases A website that requires a paid subscription in order to access information. Contains information from published works such as articles from magazines or encyclopedias. Can be used to search for titles, authors, magazines, dates, etc. Often give you access to full-text articles that can be printed or e-mailed. More items...

What is library data?

A data library, data archive, or data repository is a collection of numeric and/or geospatial data sets for secondary use in research. A data library is normally part of a larger institution (academic, corporate, scientific, medical, governmental, etc.) established for research data archiving and to serve the data users of that organisation.

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