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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there two portals at California State University Northridge?

There are two portals: Applicant or Admitted Student and Current Student. Each is a secure, password-encrypted web-based CSUN application containing content personalized to each user.

Where do I enter my CSUN user ID and password?

Visit the Change My Password page and enter your CSUN user ID and current password. When creating your new password it: Can contain any number of alphabetic characters, numbers, capital letters or special characters. Can contain a combination of words from the dictionary.

When do I get my CSUN email address?

You should receive the email within 1 or 2 days of applying. Check your CSUN email and myNorthridge Portal regularly for official communications. The University will stop sending email to your personal address. To forward your CSUN email to a personal inbox, see Email.

What to do if you forgot your password at Cal State Northridge?

Visit the Forgot My Password page to request a temporary code. Use this code to log in. You will then be prompted to change your password. If you need additional assistance, contact the IT Help Center by phone (818-677–1400) or stop by in person (University Library, First Floor, Learning Commons).

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