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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Professor of Computer Science at CSUSB?

Kids That Code, a CSUSB graduate student-created company that teaches children computer-related topics held an open house for its education center. CSUSB School of Computer Science professor Haiyan Qiao’s teaching interests includes machine learning, embedded systems and computer architecture.

Who is Tamara Cedre at CSUSB San Bernardino?

A moving collection of stories from San Bernardino residents and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected them is documented in “A Space Between Us,” a public art project by CSUSB art and design lecturer Tamara Cedré.

What does CSUSB do for the Coachella Valley?

CSUSB’s Neurofeedback Center will partner with school districts in the Coachella Valley to provide innovative mental health services to children whose mental well-being has been adversely affected by the global pandemic.

Why is CSUSB the best choice for your higher education?

Start exploring and discover why CSUSB is the best choice for your higher education. Jeremy Murray is the coordinator of the Modern China Lecture Series at #CSUSB, which aims to promote awareness of important issues related to China for those on the CSUSB campus and in the community.

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