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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my classes on CSUSB blackboard?

Log in to Blackboard (Bb) on the CSUSB website via your student ID number and password. The immediate screen should look like this. Announcements from your instructors from Bb are listed top center. Your classes are listed on the right. Scroll and find your desired class homepage.

How do I contact CSUSB?

Send us your emails with your questions or inquiries regarding any of our services: Class Registration, Class Permissions, Class Drops or Withdrawals, email us at : [email protected] CSUSB transcripts, Grade Forgiveness, Return from a Leave of Absence, email us at : [email protected]

What is the computer lending program at CSUSB?

CSUSB’s laptop computer lending program, which expanded at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, has resulted in giving more than 1,100 students access to computers and connectivity to the internet. Hispanic Heritage Month returns Sept. 15 - Oct. 15 with workshops and events to celebrate the heritage and culture of the Latinx community.

Who are the paraprofessionals at CSUSB?

In recognition of the excellent student services they provide, a special shout out to our office Paraprofessionals, Maanvi and Sergio, who continue to support and provide services with integrity, compassion and respect. Your support and assistance in meeting the needs of CSUSB students has meant so much!

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