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Frequently Asked Questions

How to sign in to the CSUSM app?

If your top menu bar shows "SIGN IN", you are NOT logged into the App. Once your are logged in, the bar will change to "VIEW ID". HOW TO LOGIN – Access your CSUSM account by tapping on SIGN IN button. A campus login page will appear.

What can I do with cougarapps for CSUSM?

We are happy to offer all CSUSM students and faculty CougarApps, a technology to provide access to a rich set of software applications previously only offered on campus computers. CougarApps gives you the opportunity to access campus applications and your files from anywhere at anytime.

How does the CSUSM campus come to life?

Campus comes to life as in-person classes, events and activities return. Campus comes to life as students return for in-person classes. CSUSM prepares with the safety of the campus community at the forefront. Unable to retrieve data.

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