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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new body-heat mode on the cube 800?

The new body-heat mode will enable the CUBE 800 to be used for temperature screenings and noncontact temperature measurements by groups and individuals. Now it is not only possible to monitor plants, production lines, and critical infrastructures for heat sources, but you can also check people for increased body temperature.

What is the cube 800 Magnetic Auto-latch Mount?

The magnetic auto-latch mount provides an easy and secure way to attach the CUBE 800 to hardhat and headband accessories. Its multi-purpose design allows for hands-free, handheld, and monopod use to capture visuals in hard to reach places. Loading...

What delivery options are available for Cub Cadet?

In addition to delivery options offered by The Home Depot and Tractor Supply, there are two options availabe to you on in order to provide safe and seamless access of Cub Cadet Product: Dealer Delivery or Pick-Up.

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