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Frequently Asked Questions

What are traditional Cuban desserts?

There’s a whole world of amazing Cuban desserts! Cuba can boast a huge variety of desserts which vary from mild and creamy Tres Leches and Flan, to fried and crispy Buñuelos, to sweet Guava pastries.

What is the traditional food in Cuba?

Traditional Cuban cuisine is a combination of Spanish, African and Creole cuisines. The typical meal consists of rice and beans (arroz y frijoles) sometimes cooked together and named "Moros y Cristianos". Another traditional food recipe is "Ropa Vieja" (old clothes).

Are there Cuban sandwiches in Cuba?

CUBA CUBA Sandwicheria is a unique Caribbean Sandwicheria where you can enjoy authentic Cuban sandwiches on fresh Cuban bread. Featured menu items include the Pan con Lechon and the Cubano with Plantains and Empanadas straight from the Caribbean.

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