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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the Cuban and Puerto Rican flags so similar?

Both flags have the exact same shape because the Puerto Rican flag was designed to be as close as possible to the Cuban, as an expression of fraternity and admiration. The only difference lies in the colors, which are inverted: The Cuban flag has a red triangle and blue and white stripes .

What was the first Cuban flag?

The blue on that flag was a dark shade. This first Cuban flag with the dark blue stripes was adopted by the Constitutional Assembly which proclaimed the Armed Republic of Cuba in Camagüey in 1869. José Martí used the same flag as the flag of the Cuban Revolutionary Party in 1892.

What does the Cuban flag look like?

Cuban Flag Description: The Cuban flag consists of five horizontal stripes of equal width. The top, middle and bottom stripes are blue; while the other two are white. There is a red horizontal triangle on the left side of the Cuban flag pointing toward the middle.

What is the origin of the Cuban flag?

The Cuban flag was created by Narciso López in 1849, and put together by Emilia Tolón. The colors represented the aspiration for freedom that all men share: red, white and blue.

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