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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the most popular singer in Cuba?

Cuban singer. Úrsula Hilaria Celia de la Caridad Cruz Alfonso (October 21, 1925 – July 16, 2003), known simply and professionally as Celia Cruz, was a Cuban singer and the most popular Latin artist of the 20th century.

Where was Celia Cruz born and raised in Cuba?

Úrsula Hilaria Celia Caridad Cruz Alfonso was born on October 21, 1925 in the diverse, working-class neighborhood of Santos Suárez in Havana, Cuba, the second of four children.

How old was Celia Cruz when she started singing?

According to her mother, she began singing as a child at 9 or 10 months of age, often in the middle of the night. She also sang in school during the Fridays' actos cívicos and in her neighborhood ensemble, Botón de oro.

What kind of dress did Celia Cruz wear?

Recognised globally as the ‘Queen of Salsa’, Celia Cruz was a recipient of the National Medal of Arts. Her glitzy stage costumes included myriad coloured wigs, tight sequined dresses, and very high heels.

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